Profile : Angela Lussier, making a difference

Angela Lussier - 365 degrees

Angela Lussier is an inspiration to all of those people who are having a hard time getting the job they want. She helps people to lead more fulfilling and authentic lives through picking the right career.

Angela love visionary people who have dreams and aspirations. She deals with these people every day, and the reason they work with her is because they’re just not sure how to transition their dreams into their future.
Pretty cool, isn’t she, right?

You want to learn, get out of that boring job and stop feeling sick every Sunday night when you think about what you have to do for the next 5 days.

Angela Lussier can help you, either personally or with her book !

Links :

Angela Lussier – 365 degrees consulting

Angela Lussier book : The Anti-resumé revolution

Preparing your home work

One of the first step you will need to do in this connected world is to prepare your best answers to the following questions :

– Who are you ?
– How do you look like ?
– What are you doing ?

This will be useful for your website readers to establish a human touch and start a relation with them.

Take the time to explore some websites you like, some blogs you read and look for the “About” part of them.
rite some notes to remember what you’ve appreciated or not.

Some examples are here (Mark), there (Blazonfire), or here (Angela), …

Creating yourself

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