Connecting the dots forward …

Look back for a moment and take the time to identify the dots that are scattered on your way.

Can you connect those dots ?

Do you understand how you’ve reached the place where you are right now ?

Try to remember what was your vision at that time. Are you where you thought you would be ?

You are starting to explore some new grounds, discover some new people, some new tools, don’t be afraid, it will just connect … in the future !


Stanford University – Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

There are no shortcuts !

Being an entrepreneur, a small business owner you already knows that there are no shortcuts, that you need to get through a lot of work until one day you deliver !

You’ve got now two more challenges, the first one is to be clear and perseverant to deliver and the second one is to be able to communicate to your audience the resulting products or services.

“Maybe Its My Fault” – Michael Jordan

Is it you ?

Am I the real me?

From gianĪ©merz's Flickr photostream

You have probably been thinking how to describe who you are, how to present yourself to your clients or readers.

It’s often the first step required to establish your human touch and start a relation with them.

It’s also a quite difficult exercice and even if you think your portrait is accurate, is it really ?

How do the people you connect understand it ?

Do they perceive you as you do ?

Try this little exercice and tell us about the results …

The buddy system

Here’s the best way to improve your business plan or your resume:

Have someone else write it.

Find a friend of a friend, a document-buddy, someone who needs the same thing done for them, but not someone who is a close friend. And then interview each other and write the other person’s plan.

Don’t show them the existing plan or document, and don’t read it to them. Have a conversation. Tell your story. Answer questions. And then see what they come up with.

Writing about yourself is infinitely harder than writing about someone else–and you’re going to discover that the story you thought you were telling probably isn’t the story that’s coming across.

by Seth Godin on October 02, 2010