Connecting the dots forward …

Look back for a moment and take the time to identify the dots that are scattered on your way.

Can you connect those dots ?

Do you understand how you’ve reached the place where you are right now ?

Try to remember what was your vision at that time. Are you where you thought you would be ?

You are starting to explore some new grounds, discover some new people, some new tools, don’t be afraid, it will just connect … in the future !


Stanford University – Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

There are no shortcuts !

Being an entrepreneur, a small business owner you already knows that there are no shortcuts, that you need to get through a lot of work until one day you deliver !

You’ve got now two more challenges, the first one is to be clear and perseverant to deliver and the second one is to be able to communicate to your audience the resulting products or services.

“Maybe Its My Fault” – Michael Jordan

Is it you ?

Am I the real me?

From gianΩmerz's Flickr photostream

You have probably been thinking how to describe who you are, how to present yourself to your clients or readers.

It’s often the first step required to establish your human touch and start a relation with them.

It’s also a quite difficult exercice and even if you think your portrait is accurate, is it really ?

How do the people you connect understand it ?

Do they perceive you as you do ?

Try this little exercice and tell us about the results …

The buddy system

Here’s the best way to improve your business plan or your resume:

Have someone else write it.

Find a friend of a friend, a document-buddy, someone who needs the same thing done for them, but not someone who is a close friend. And then interview each other and write the other person’s plan.

Don’t show them the existing plan or document, and don’t read it to them. Have a conversation. Tell your story. Answer questions. And then see what they come up with.

Writing about yourself is infinitely harder than writing about someone else–and you’re going to discover that the story you thought you were telling probably isn’t the story that’s coming across.

by Seth Godin on October 02, 2010

Profile : Frances Schagen, impacting the world …

In your quest to improve the way you are doing business, take a moment to observe what Frances Schagen depicts …

As a small business owner, you are part of a community and this community is important for you as well as you are important for it.

… Even if none of you knows it (my comment)

Like you Frances has it’s own bookkeeping business to run, and if you are living somewhere near Kentville, Nova Scotia Canada, have a look to her “Cristal Clear” company.

On the community side of the equation, she’s an active member of the “Business Owners Success Club”.

They start by deliberately working on our businesses every month to continually improve them and ourselves.
Every month they choose one aspect of business to improve, realizing the power of groups and taking advantage of the collective wisdom, varied best practices and accountability they offer.

What about you ?

Are you active in your community ?

Did you joined a local small business club ?

Frances Schagen unite small business

Links :

Cristal Clear, Frances Schagen bookkeeping business

The Business owners success club

Profile : Paul and Lauren Durban, shaping yours ideas …

You’ve got an idea !

Do you know how you will explain it to everyone ?

Don’t worry Paul and Lauren are there to help you creating easy to understand and professional materials.
whether for your website, a multimedia presentation at a business conference, a support to be showed at a convention booth, …

Ask them to co-create the ebook, paperback book, animation, video you deserve !

Links :

Some samples of the Durban’s work

Blazonfire Videos on Youtube

Seth Godin about eBook design and motion graphics

Lauren Durban
Paul Durban

Profile : Angela Lussier, making a difference

Angela Lussier - 365 degrees

Angela Lussier is an inspiration to all of those people who are having a hard time getting the job they want. She helps people to lead more fulfilling and authentic lives through picking the right career.

Angela love visionary people who have dreams and aspirations. She deals with these people every day, and the reason they work with her is because they’re just not sure how to transition their dreams into their future.
Pretty cool, isn’t she, right?

You want to learn, get out of that boring job and stop feeling sick every Sunday night when you think about what you have to do for the next 5 days.

Angela Lussier can help you, either personally or with her book !

Links :

Angela Lussier – 365 degrees consulting

Angela Lussier book : The Anti-resumé revolution

Favourite things exercice …

On your way to understand how to put your strength at work, I suggest you to go and read Rachel from the Touch Wood project.

The exercice below could really help you to clarify what you are really good at, love to do, have already somewhat developed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. For one week, whenever you realise you’re really enjoying yourself, write down a few sentences to describe it.
    Capture what you’re doing right then and there, not later or at the end of the day — right then. By the end of the week you should have several scraps or paper or sentences in your notebook.
  2. Pick the top 3 activities that you most enjoyed, where you felt you were something that comes to you naturally and easily, and then
  3. Convert those activities into a statement of your Favourite Things to Do.

The key is to try to then do those things as much as possible because these things are what you’re naturally good at, what you enjoy doing, and what can make the difference between a forgettable day and a deeply satisfying one.

4 types of strengths

Links :

The Touchwood project

Can you see it the other way round ?

How are the other people perceiving your products, services, ideas ?

Try to change your point of view just as if you were one of your clients, prospects or partners !

What are those products, services or ideas ?
Are they worth a try ? Why ? (Why not ?)
Are they really different from those offered by … (names of your competitors here) ?
What are those differences ?
Are they somewhat remarkable or just average ?
What kind of story do they convey ?
Is this story good for me ?

The point today is to shape your offer in such a way that your public understand what you do.

green purple sheep

Links :

So, if you want to work on success, if you really really want to improve the quality of what you’re doing, you have to define your identity (around your beliefs, your values, your desires), and write it the hell down. It does no one (and by that, I really just mean you) any good if you don’t have something to reference, especially as you’re rolling forward. WRITE IT DOWN.
Inch by inch – Chris Brogan – September 19, 2010

Do you love what you do ?

Do you love what you do ?

If not, just explore other possibilities with Sir Ken Robinson, if yes watch and enjoy !

Sir Ken Robinson encourage us to find our personal path in life.
One that will mix our talent with our passion and open us to our full potential.

He gives some stories from different people who add the chance to explore their own way in life.

It’s never too late for it …

Links :

Video: Sir Ken Robinson – The Element

About Sir Ken Robinson

It’s about passion !

So you woke up this morning, will your day be full of passion ?

You’ve made clear the reasons WHY you are up, think a little bit and write down the results of your thoughts.

This will help you build the “About” page of your website.

John C. Maxwell

See the video from John C. Maxwell here (4’43”).

Links :

About Passion

John C. Maxwell Profile

More about passion with Simon Sinek, author of “Start With Why” (video – 2’08”)