Profile : Paul and Lauren Durban, shaping yours ideas …

You’ve got an idea !

Do you know how you will explain it to everyone ?

Don’t worry Paul and Lauren are there to help you creating easy to understand and professional materials.
whether for your website, a multimedia presentation at a business conference, a support to be showed at a convention booth, …

Ask them to co-create the ebook, paperback book, animation, video you deserve !

Links :

Some samples of the Durban’s work

Blazonfire Videos on Youtube

Seth Godin about eBook design and motion graphics

Lauren Durban
Paul Durban

Why are you invisible ?

In this video, you will see the immense gap that’s existing between the reality of small business marketing and the way potential clients are looking for them.

When local businesses are still thinking in terms of word of mouth or yellow pages, the consumers say they mainly use the Internet to look for local products and services,

It’s time to wake-up !


Video: WebVisible shows its customers “The Great Divide” in local online advertising

Webvisible: Small Business Internet Marketing Center

Profile : Trey and Monica Pitsenberger, passionate gardeners

Trey Pitsenberger
Trey and Monica Pitsenberger have been a garden center professional for over 20 years.

As independent small retail nursery owners they have to do it all.

The garden center industry is in a state of change as many retail business are these days.
Trey and Monica explore how to best use these changes to help the small and medium sized garden center.
How can you make a difference in front of chain and box stores that feature price and convenience ?

Another challenge is to show people how they can be more self-sufficient using gardening …

The blog The Blogging nurseryman at was the first horticultural industry blog to take up these issues and is the go to site for the most current thinking on small and medium garden centers.

Thanks Trey ! Thanks Monica !
You are inspiring us.

Links :

The golden gecko garden center

The Blogging Nurseryman …

About small nursery businesses benefit and the proliferation of social media

Profile : David Ellison, enhancing the collective spirit of a household

David Ellison from the Lorimer workshop
David Ellison designs and builds tables at the Lorimer Workshop.

A natural solid wood farm table truly represent warmth and relaxation in a home.
The table becomes the center focus for family gatherings, it helps build traditions of comfortable meal-times, great conversations with family and friends and a place for writing, homework and other projects.
All activities around the farm table truly enhances the collective spirit of a household.

In crafting a table, David use traditional hand-made methods for working wood.

Links :

The Lorimer workshop on Etsy

Profile : Murray Johnston, a passion for cranberries …

Murray Johnston Family

Murray’s father, Orville, began his cranberry dream in 1950 when he bought land in Bala, Muskoka and began clearing it.
Murray was born on the farm and has spent his life continuing his father’s legacy of growing quality fruit using sustainable, environmentally conscious practices.
Murray studied agriculture at University of Guelph and is passionate about growing excellent fruit.

In 2001, they also started Muskoka Lakes Winery and have been winning awards for their wines ever since.

Today, along with his wife Wendy, Murray manages the family business and, with the help of his four sons, continues to bring in the harvest every autumn.

Harvest is the most exciting time of year. It occurs from mid-September through October.
Cranberries are grown and harvested like no other crop in the world.
They’re also native only to North America. That makes them a fascinating part of our heritage!

Drop by and learn about this unique crop!

Links :

Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh

Profile : Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, a big heart

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

Dr. Mani is a dedicated heart surgeon using his Internet marketing business to fund heart surgery for under-privileged children in India.

He wears many hats. One of them reads: “Chairman of the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation” (link).

Inspired a big deal by Seth Godin his mind restlessly explores possibilities to scale up operations by doing similar fund-raising activities and growing a passionate tribe of evangelists who “can do cool things” that will benefit the children he cares so much about.

Links :

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian is a linchpin …

47 HEARTS, one of his book

Profile : Angela Lussier, making a difference

Angela Lussier - 365 degrees

Angela Lussier is an inspiration to all of those people who are having a hard time getting the job they want. She helps people to lead more fulfilling and authentic lives through picking the right career.

Angela love visionary people who have dreams and aspirations. She deals with these people every day, and the reason they work with her is because they’re just not sure how to transition their dreams into their future.
Pretty cool, isn’t she, right?

You want to learn, get out of that boring job and stop feeling sick every Sunday night when you think about what you have to do for the next 5 days.

Angela Lussier can help you, either personally or with her book !

Links :

Angela Lussier – 365 degrees consulting

Angela Lussier book : The Anti-resumé revolution

Profile : Rick Toone, a master luthier

Rick Toone portrait
Rick Toone is hand-building musical instruments : ergonomic guitars and basses, acoustic and electric.

Each one is a singularly individual piece of fine art, the antitheses of mass-production.
He then gives those tools into the hands of people who are communicating thru music.

Like in a ecosystem, he relates to the musician and from there to the listeners like ripples on the surface of water.
Over time and across distances.
He tries his best to create instruments that will offer great music if in good hands.

The video below will show how far you can go when passionate by your work.

Links :

Rick Toone website

Where to contact Rick :
P.O. Box 162 Frenchtown, NJ 08825 USA

How remarkable are you ?

As solo-entrepreneurs, very small business, craftsman, gardeners, mom & pop business, microbusinesses, home business, … are passionate about their work !

Everyone has it’s own products and services, personality, localisation, market but …

can you explain us in such a way that anyone can understand what makes you different ? remarkable ?


What does being remarkable means ? Lets hear this great guy …

From TED ideas worth spreading

Links :

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur and blogger who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the digital age. His newest interest: the tribes we lead. Full bio and more links

Seth Godin’s blog