Tweaking the first website version.

So it took only a few hours from the idea to the website up and running.

Now, it’s time to tweak a little bit the main screen and then the first pages.

Changing colours, adding pictures will make it more appealing and hopefully easier to navigate; from the user point of view.

As the pictures on the top right of the main page were sharing some kind of dark blue, we decided to use this blue for the links and the search button.

Each part :
– Profiles,
– Tool box,
– News,
– Inspirations,
– One more thing,
– Contacts.
needs some first improvements and will be detailed in the future.

The main idea behind it is that as you are yourself able to maintain the site, you can improve it continuously without any outside help (or nearly any).

The second idea is that the use of such a website/blogging platform lowers the cost of ownership of the site.

Vegetable Garden
From woodley wonderworks photostream

Well Ok, you are right.

We are not so far yet, but that’s were we hope to go …

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