Starting is not enough …

The ground could be rocky !

We had the ideas for some contents, the domain name was chosen.
We had explored the tools available to create websites and blogs and were convinced that Movable Type was the way to go for us …

Movable Type (MT) is a flexible, extensible, and easy to maintain publishing platform. Movable
Type is designed to meet the blogging and website content management needs of growing organizations, individual bloggers, and to serve as a social media platform that enables businesses to create community-driven websites.

That drove us to Livingdot, a hosting provider, they installed it rapidly and we were able to start.

The question was now, how do you use this tool ?
And were are the online trainings ? the online community of users of MT ?

No direct, easy, answers !

And our day to day work was calling us.
So the blog/website stayed empty waiting for us …

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Movable Type was our first choice.

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