Persevere in the same way !

So the blog/website stayed empty waiting for us … a long long time, in fact until recently, so nearly two years.

What did happen during this phase ?

I have been accumulating experiences in a social network called Ning.
To be precise in one network of bright people from all over the world and involved in marketing called Triiibes.

A tribe for marketers, for leaders, for those focused on building communities or creating products or spreading ideas.

From there on I’ve been reading, sharing, learning with a lot of very interesting humans.
It has also been a great practical experience to see how people can interact to build something more powerful when they share projects.
(We will come back on that later on !)

With this background, I also started to be more active on Facebook and some other places.
Reading thousand of posts, discovering hundreds of tools that could potentially be used by small business.

It was time to restart the SmartConnectedBiz project.

I asked Livingdot our hosting provider to update our Movable Type publishing platform.

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