More home work …

What can you tell us about Mark, about Angela, Paul and Lauren ?

Did you get the feeling that you were in touch with them ?

Dr Wilson What about exploring Richard profiles, the more official one and a more personal

Have you looked at his team ?

Can you imagine how great it could be to be their patient ?

Another completely different craftsman is Rick Toone.

Rick in his “Bio” page, will not only explain how great he is, but is also introducing YOU, his reader into the game.

If your music is art, if your vision is unique, I will shape the wood, bend the metal, solder the connections to give you the tool to let your beast run wild.

If you explore this page in more details, you’ll also see that he is introducing two customers to you and telling you a story about them and the relation they have with his art.

Rick Toone Orchid Bass

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