Can you see it the other way round ?

How are the other people perceiving your products, services, ideas ?

Try to change your point of view just as if you were one of your clients, prospects or partners !

What are those products, services or ideas ?
Are they worth a try ? Why ? (Why not ?)
Are they really different from those offered by … (names of your competitors here) ?
What are those differences ?
Are they somewhat remarkable or just average ?
What kind of story do they convey ?
Is this story good for me ?

The point today is to shape your offer in such a way that your public understand what you do.

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So, if you want to work on success, if you really really want to improve the quality of what you’re doing, you have to define your identity (around your beliefs, your values, your desires), and write it the hell down. It does no one (and by that, I really just mean you) any good if you don’t have something to reference, especially as you’re rolling forward. WRITE IT DOWN.
Inch by inch – Chris Brogan – September 19, 2010

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